Avoiding Autumn Injuries

One of the many benefits of living in the Midwest is the changing of seasons. And for many, the cooler weather of fall is a welcome relief (especially after a hot and humid summer). Breezes blow, days are sunny, and thoughts turn to getting the house ready for the chill of winter. Gardens need to be put to bed, siding needs cleaning, windows need caulking, and the leaves need raking. Unfortunately, injuries caused by strains or too many repetitive tasks in a short time span can occur.

Pace Yourself

Unless you are Superman, you can’t get it all done in one day – or maybe even one week! Work for two or three hours, and then rest until the next day. Afterwards, warm up inside with a nice hot drink or take a warm bath to relax from your hard day outside.

Treat Raking As A Workout

Raking and outdoor clean-up contribute the most to autumn-related injuries. It’s important to treat raking like exercise and to not dive into it without wearing the proper gear and buying the right equipment. Do some warm-up stretches before you start, especially if you are not an active person. Lifting the arms overhead, bending side to side, toe touches, or forward bends can help loosen up arms, back, and legs for the demands of fall clean-up. A five to ten minute warm-up period will help to generate heat in your body. The more warmed up you are, the less chance you have of sustaining an injury.

Pay Attention

Beware of fallen leaves, even when walking about your neighborhood. They can disguise holes or uneven pavement, and they are very slippery when wet. In the earlier hours of the day, patchy frost may form in shaded areas, making dangerous slippery spots. There’s no avoiding this seasonal risk, but the best way to prevent injury is to be alert.

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