The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

A woman’s body undergoes countless changes during pregnancy. In the field of chiropractics, we look at the ways in which pregnancy can cause stress and strain on the spine and joints, resulting in postural misalignment. Chiropractic care during pregnancy addresses these particular forms of misalignment so that the developing baby has adequate space to grow and move into the proper position before birth, as well as addresses a mother’s physical comfort during pregnancy, labor, and beyond.

Postural changes 

During pregnancy, a woman’s body secretes hormones that loosen ligaments, allowing the pelvis to widen in preparation for birth. A combination of weight gain, a lowered center of gravity, looser ligaments, and shifting joints during pregnancy can lead to gait changes, a swaybacked spine, clumsiness, misalignment, discomfort, and pressure points. Chiropractic care during pregnancy gently helps alleviate pressure points and move the spine and pelvis back into alignment, reducing discomfort, and helps prevent the likelihood of developing more serious postural problems. Your chiropractor will avoid any moves that place pressure on the abdomen, and may show you gentle stretching techniques to do at home to keep your body aligned. Chiropractic methods are natural, drug-free, and pain-free, protecting mother and baby from over-the-counter or prescription approaches to pregnancy discomforts.

Fetal development and birth position

Chiropractic care during pregnancy also aims to create optimal space for your baby to grow in utero. Pelvic misalignment can lead to restricted growth space, referred to as uterine constraint.


Chiropractors also address issues such as breech presentation and posterior birth position, both of which lead to undue stress and interventions during delivery. Larry Webster, a doctor of chiropractics, pioneered the Webster Technique to alleviate pelvic misalignment so that babies had a better chance of moving into the natural vertex position before delivery. A 2002 study found that 82% of breech babies turned vertex when using the Webster Technique!
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