The Benefits of a Whole Patient Care

For years, traditional medical practitioners have worked to heal patients by targeting treatments to specific diseases or ailment. While this approach can prove effective in treating one condition, it may not get to the underlying issues that are causing problems. At Benningfield and Associates, our chiropractic care goes beyond treating the pain as we help our patients strengthen their bodies and develop important lifestyle changes to support long-term improvements.


Chiropractic Care

Our doctors provide a full range of chiropractic care to assist in whole patient recovery. Chiropractic adjustments help to release spinal joints that cause a disruption in the nervous system. They can significantly add to a patient’s range of motion and reduce pain and inflammation. Ancillary treatments such as electrostimulation, ultrasound and heat and cold pack therapies add to the effectiveness of the Chiropractic adjustment and can reduce recovery period and increase healing.
Physical Therapy 

In addition to treating the condition, it is important to provide therapies and conditioning exercises to help strengthen the entire body to reduce the chance of recurring issues down the road. At Benningfield and Associates we use physical therapists to provide patients with targeted stretching, strength, and balance exercises to help stabilize the body and increase functionality.

At Benningfield and Associates our mission is to provide our patients with a multi-discipline approach to better health. Contact us to learn more about our services and to discuss a treatment plan that will support your healing and improve your life.