What we Do

Unique Approach to Wellness

The doctors at Benningfield and Associates strongly believe in combining chiropractic care and rehabilitation through exercise and strength training. When a patient comes to our office in acute pain the doctors administer chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy modalities ( electrical stimulation, ultrasound, hot/cold packs, etc) in order to reduce pain levels. This type of treatment is called passive care and normally will last from two to four weeks. Once the acute pain has subsided, the patient is then introduced to active care.

Incorporate Active Care

Active care can take the form of home exercises or be performed with a physical therapist or personal trainer. It can also involve stretching, strengthening and balance work to increase the patient’s overall function and stabilization.

Treat a Wide Variety of Conditions

The following are the conditions we frequently treat: Lower Back Pain, Disc Herniation, Sprains and Strains, Frequent headaches/Migraines, Neck Pain and other Whiplash.